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I grew up in Detroit, yes actually in DETROIT.  Many Detroiters say there from Detroit; but really from the suburbs.  I am a artistic, creative, inquisitive sort of fellow.  I have way too many hobbies to even mention.  I lived a life time in a short period of time, hence the alias: "Boddhisava of Detroit."  My religious upbring was/is Jewish.  I still consider myself a Jew, (please read Exodus 20 & Psalm 19; the only "saved" covenant),  proud of our heritage, history and culture.  When I travelled to Japan;  Buddhism "grabbed hold of me", and remains in my soul.  I feel like I have lived in several life times, on a spiritual journey, sounds Hookey I know, but I know several people feel the same way.

Fun with Guns and Planes!


Owner of Brody Bilt & Sons Construction Company.  Modernization and Garages.  Celebrating 69 years of providing quality home improvments.


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:
 Kurisawa, Speilberg, Kubrick, Ridley Scott, just  to name a few.
I do not get or understand the facination with or about Woody Allen?
Last great book I read?:  "A Brief History of Nearly Everything."  by Bill Bryson

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:
Classical, Opera. Rock, 'Old School" hip-hop, Jazz, Blues, Just about everything!
Favorite Quotes:  " Sod it, I rather be happy, then right!
Hithhiker's Guide to the Unuverse.

Boddhisava of Detroit